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The Healing Power Of The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra 101: Seek, Know, Transcend

You might have heard about the chakras and you might be aware of the third eye chakra. Do you know the real powers of this chakra?

Let us introduce you to the third eye chakra and it’s healing power. This chakra will allow you to see the true reality of the world around and inside you like a mental program or a hologram. This is what connects all the dots. You’ll be able to see beyond your current reality and senses.

Take a break from you work and enjoy this read exploring the third eye chakra.

This is the stem of our psychic senses – our pineal gland. Located right in-between both our brain hemispheres, it is the link to unify them.

Your third eye is the seat of wisdom, understanding and multidimensional exploration. Our pineal gland connects us to Source, just as our heart does. Sometimes when you astral project you can see a silver strand connecting to your pineal gland going up into infinity.

Activating your third eye requires listening intently and connecting all your thoughts to the bigger picture within consciousness.

third-eye-chakra-101Not just seeing, but feeling how every single thing is intimately connected and how you can use that larger vision in every day life.

You activate your pineal gland by learning, staying aware and yes – staying away from fluoride.

Eating healthy and staying in a high vibration are of course beneficial to decalcifying our pineal glands – but it is only half the equation.

When active, our pineal glands release chemicals that allow for synaptic leaps to happen. It allows for the opening of belief systems; which in turn, allows for miracles to manifest.

For when we are able to deeply understand reality – we see that it goes beyond our concept of science and physicality. Seeing isn’t believing – believing allows us to see.

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