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Struggling To Open Your Third Eye Chakra? Avoid These 4 Mistakes

Are You Making These 4 Common Mistakes?

As a human, we all want to feel better but a big number of us feel that there’s more to the life than beyond these limited senses. And in reality those of us want to experience some kinda ‘transcendence’ and to get connected to the other dimensions.

In order to achieve that state, you need to attain balance your energy centers called chakras. And you need the ability to maintain that balance of high frequencies which you don’t experience otherwise.

The balancing and cleansing of the third eye chakra also called Ajna sometimes also referred as the pineal gland is critical when you are putting efforts to heighten your intuition and tune into these higher frequency to experience metaphysical energies.

Here are 4 common traps most people fall into that you sure want to avoid:
(The 4th one is critical)

1. Giving Up Too Easily

Just like you can’t expect to become a master painter overnight, don’t expect to be able to see orbs and archangels after your first meditation session. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night standing face-to-face with the ghost of your Great Aunt Millie. In the very early stages, this will scare the crap out of you.

2. Holding On To Old Habits

Take a look around you. See any angels? If not, it isn’t because they aren’t there, it’s because there’s a “block” that’s keeping you from seeing them. That “block” acts like a blindfold. A “block” cannot take away your gift of intuition, only numb or hide it temporarily.

Some examples of common intuitive “blocks” are stuck emotions from the past, a toxic relationship, a chemical laden diet, or a harmful work or home environment.


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