The Healing Power Of Stones & Crystals – Part 2/3 - The Quantum Healing

The Healing Power Of Stones & Crystals – Part 2/3

Healing Stones – Fascinating and Powerful Helpers of Nature

What is a healing stone and how does it affect the body?

Meaning of the healing stones: The meaning of the word healing stone refers to the doctrine of crystal healing that certain stones have the ability to exert a healing effect on humans or living things. Because the Hellenistic doctrine is based on the fact that energy emanates from every object in the world. This can be demonstrated in electromagnetic radiation emitted by any object, be it plants, animals, humans or inanimate objects, such as animals. Stones.

The energy, in the form of heat, food, light, which absorbs all these objects, gets them through their environment. Living objects can filter this energy, they can i. d. R. decide for yourself which energy to absorb. Lifeless objects, like stones can not do this. They are “exposed” to their environment and absorb all the energy of their environment. Because stones grow through external conditions, from inside to outside. They are thus in their appearance an accurate reflection of what energy has affected them. This can be used as an advantage in the healing stone doctrine, as it conserves the stone’s energy. It is z. T. billions of years old.

Healing Effects: How does the energy in the healing stone affect us? This requires explaining what energy is basically. Energy, such as light and heat, is a particular sequence of electromagnetic waves. You can see it as a light or hear it as a radio frequency, but there are other areas of this spectrum that you can not directly perceive, such as the light. Ultraviolet light, radioactivity, etc.

However, the particular frequency or vibration of these forms of energy permanently gives information to us. Stones also send certain frequencies, sending information to us. This information, which is unique in each stone, affects us. Because like every object in the world, we are also susceptible to energy. This is about the so-called cosmic energy or life energy. How this principle works affects you in healing stones & chakras.

Not every stone, however, has a healing effect on man. Healing stones are stones whose special effect has been tested and handed down by humans for centuries. Why some stones have an effect, others not, is not yet clear. However, stone healing explains the effect of healing stones in various characteristics that many stones, especially rock types, can not show. These include the mineral class, the crystal structure, the formation and the color of a gemstone. How these individual properties of the healing stones work, you will find under healing effect.

In summary, therefore, it can be said that healing stones, whether gems or gemstones, can have a special effect on us through their unique properties. If one uses this energy purposefully by applying healing stone or by combining it with other gemstone therapies, or with the chakras, then the healing stone can particularly well have its effect on us.

Various Types of Stones: 
Tourmaline: One of the strongest healing stones is the black tourmaline, which as a protective stone averts negative energies
Rose Quartz: an important stone for strengthening the happiness and sensitivity
Larimar: The Atlantis stone serves to expand the spiritual horizon
Carnelian: A healing stone that helps the blood to become more stable
Amethyst: A cleansing stone and one of the most important for stone discharges
Rock crystal: A well-known healing stone that leads to more harmony and peace. The malachite and the lapis lazuli belong to the tumbled stones. The beauty of this type of stone is that it preserves its originality, even when processed in a drum using abrasive powder and polish to remove sharp edges and corners. It is said that each tumbled stone itself decides from which edges it dissolves.


Healing Stone Therapies in Combination with Natural Healing
Gemstones belong to the category of healing stones. Gemstones are attributed a particularly strong healing power. The gemstone therapy uses the vibrations of the rocks to smooth the spiritual path, to stimulate the chakras and to dissolve blockages. In kinesiology, gems are often used to detect harmful effects. If you are sensitive to a stone, a health stone with opposite potency can be used to eliminate disharmony. As a supplement to the Bach flower therapy, healing stones have proven to be effective helpers, just as in Reiki. The healing effect also unfolds in applications such as the ear acupressure, where the therapist uses a gemstone stick. If you have become curious and want to use the power of healing stones for yourself, be sure to checkout our final part of this healing with stones series on Tuesday on the blog or facebook page.


A little more helpful information about the individual gemstones can be found in our extensive gem encyclopedia with the meaning and effect of over 380 healing stones.

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