Benefit From The Healing Power Of Stones & Crystals - Part 1/3 - The Quantum Healing

Benefit From The Healing Power Of Stones & Crystals – Part 1/3

What is a healing stone and how does it affect the body?

In today’s world, people are not only often in stress-causing situations that cause illness, but also there increasing environmental pollution. Healing stones are fascinating helpers from nature that gently unfold their positive effects. Many people are magically attracted to certain healing stones or gems.

No wonder, because to every star sign is a lucky stone assigned. Healing stones have been around for millennia. They have always been credited with a deeper meaning, revealed in mysterious powers. Health stones are used to relieve illnesses, to relax, and to support meditative exercises. Even areas of modern medicine increasingly use the positive influence of certain rocks and crystals.

The power of the stones and their effect on body, mind, and soul
You can integrate stones with different effects on your daily life. If you are first, skeptical, and do not believe in the effect of stones, you may after a short time realize the benefit and will not do without the power of the stones.

The stones store a lot of natural power. Stones outlive very large periods of earth history compared to human life and therefore can save a lot of power. The power of the stones is as different as the stones themselves, for these are made up of minerals, of which there are several thousand species in nature.

Healing stones are available in various forms such as rough stone, tumbled stone, and / or gemstone. Meditating with gemstones can lead to stability and health on a physical level and to self-discovery (soul) and inner clarity (mind) on a psychological level.

TIP: Stones should be cleaned and recharged again and again – preferably at the full moon and with cold running tap water. Place the stone in a bowl of clean water. Just put on a windowsill on a full moon night, preferably outside. The next day you can then use the stone again.

We hope this info leads you to a better state. In part 2 of this series, we talk about various stones and their usage. Click here to read now.

Stay well and blessed. 🙂