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Scary Demon Caught On Camera By A Sleep Paralysis Victim

The truth behind sleep paralysis hallucinations has been finally recorded on a camera.

Every night he will fall asleep and then dream about being motionless, but that some demons are trying to attack him and he is helpless. Sleep paralysis is the worst trip ever.

Sleep paralysis is a stage when the brain paralyzes the body muscles while the person falls or comes out of REM sleep. This naturally occurring problem is quite common these days. But things get worse when a person starts having Hypnagogic hallucinations.

This man whose name is Mike Pike placed a camera facing his bed and kept the lights on to record the demons that trouble him every night. This was the result.

A man that is said to be suffering from a phenomenon called sleep paralysis captured something sinister while he was asleep. The camera he was using was able to capture an unusual figure that’s shadow-like hovering over him.

The man who suffers from sleep paralysis is Mike Pike and he shared how he often wakes up in the middle of the night wherein he consistently experiences a half-waking state which makes him unable to move. Sometimes, he also gets the feeling of not being alone. The creepy episodes of his sleep paralysis led him to videotape his bedroom during those strangely sleepless nights. The video was able to document those episodes, but he was shocked when he noticed something on the video.

Mike saw the shadowy figure that he was describing before. Meanwhile, scientists claimed that sleep paralysis or also known as hypnagogia causes the illusion of shadow people. During this state, people experience a feeling of dread, pressure on their chest, and visual images of shadowy beings.

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