What Is Quantum Healing What Is Spiritual Healing?

What Is Quantum Healing What Is Spiritual Healing?

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What is quantum healing?

Quantum Healing, also called Quantum Entrainment Method, is a method of self-healing and healing others. It represents a special kind of spiritual healing. For quantum healing, one needs pure consciousness.

You can learn this healing method, you can learn how to develop your consciousness in simple steps. With the expanded consciousness, it is possible to heal our body, balance our emotions and to sharpen the mind. So you can experience a joyful and pleasant life.

Consciousness determines perception

Our consciousness determines our perception. It gives us clarity in thinking and frees our emotions. A clouded consciousness makes our world an unpleasant and scary place. When we let us guide by our minds alone, we are unaware.

The Mind and Consciousness

Our mind is unable to grasp pure consciousness. Therefore, it is also not easy to define. The mind can not understand consciousness because it is not material. It simply does not exist for it because it has no form and is limitless. The mind can only recognize and name different forms. Something formless is unknown to it. It can not understand consciousness, nor control or manipulate it. Quantum healing uses precisely this consciousness.

Quantum Physics provides clues to the existence of Consciousness

Although not (yet) scientifically proven, the theories derived from quantum physical research does suggest the existence of consciousness. It is an orderly, unchanging, infinite and boundless whole. Another insight is the energyless state of consciousness. Therefore, it can be a field that contains nothing more than the potential of creation. We need consciousness so that whatever it is, can become; it can take a form or energy. Information is therefore always more fundamental than matter.

Spiritual people experience consciousness by connecting with it inwardly as an area of ​​pure love, bliss, and deep infinite peace.

The World of visible and invisible Matter

We perceive everything in our world intellectually as existing as a form. It not only includes everything visible, what we can recognize as matter, but also, for example, our mind itself. Another important fact is that everything created from the realm of consciousness has a beginning and an end. It is all finite and can be subject to change. Everything arises from this “nothingness” of pure consciousness.

Energy and Order

Two other features of creation are order and energy. The hallmark of every creation is a structured and orderly movement of energy. Every form has an order and has energy. However, the more material an object is, the denser its form, the less energy it contains. In contrast, something created has more energy the less matter it has. One can think of atoms, subatomic particles or even pure waves. Therefore our mind also consists of energy, which bases on a principle of order. The closer our minds to pure consciousness are, the more energy our thoughts contain and the more orderly they are.

Quantum healing occurs at the level of Consciousness.

Many healers treat at the subtle level using energy waves. In contrast, quantum healing works with pure, energyless consciousness. However, this pure consciousness is the source from which we draw all energy.

Discover the source of thought

Quantum healing is also about exploring or discovering the origins of your thoughts. Thoughts also come from the source of inexhaustible energy that we can harness.
A thought loses all the more energy, the farther it is from pure consciousness. And the more unconscious the thinking, the more harmful and anxious it can be for us. Any thought that does not connect to the Oneness of Consciousness perceives itself alone.

Many people identify themselves primarily with their minds, with their thinking. Often the contact of the thoughts with their origin, the pure consciousness, has been largely lost. It disturbs the inner harmony. Conversely, a thought connected with pure consciousness contains a high degree of energy and order.

The gap between two thoughts

An exercise is to become aware of the space between our thoughts. We can open our everyday consciousness thereby to pure consciousness. The method of quantum healing works only if we consistently connect with pure consciousness. At a minimum, this connection should be available immediately.

By observing the space between two thoughts, we anchor our attention in the here and now. We thereby become more present, which increases our consciousness of the present. The gap between thoughts is pure consciousness, a room full of silence. By consciously experiencing this space, our thoughts can calm down, and the body can relax. The stress subsides, the mood increases and you feel much more energetic.

Dr. Wayne Dyer did write a book which may interest you“Getting in the Gap”

Getting In The Gap Meditation with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Who does observe the thoughts?

It is precisely out of this space between the thoughts, this apparent nothingness, that thoughts emerge. Consequently, this nothingness cannot be inconsequential. Anything of that must bring forth the thoughts.

If you follow the events vigilantly, you realize, that you the observer, are not the mind. The observer is the true I, the pure consciousness. Through pure perception, therefore, it can be experienced that our inner self is pure consciousness.

Consolidate the pure Consciousness

In another exercise, we can strengthen the awareness of pure consciousness in our daily activities. We can do it by extending the period in which we practice the alert observation of pure consciousness. Thoughtfully, you set up a list of positive words, pick one out, and watch it. Absolute attention can make you more energetic and increase your physical and mental well-being.

The Quantum Entrainment Method

In quantum healing, it is ultimately the consciousness that causes healing. Without consciousness, nothing happens. Instead, the healing in this method is a side effect of becoming conscious.

You can Heal yourself or others

We can apply the method of quantum healing either to ourselves, to another person or even to an animal. If successful, both the person to be treated and the practitioner himself will heal. It can be most satisfying and uplifting for both. Healing, however, can only take place if the individual’s cosmic plan also meets the desire for recovery.

The techniques

The technique is secondary to this method of healing and varies with the different therapists. To be successful, however, a few more essential points must be considered.

Read about “The Kinslow System: Your Path to Proven Success in Health, Love and Life”.

The well-being

Frank Kinslow calls such a sense of well-being, which is necessary for successful work, the Eu feeling. This kind of well-being springs directly from pure consciousness. It is a sense of pleasure, peace, silence, bliss or love that does not link to external circumstances or conditions. This sense of well-being is the feeling of our natural state of being.

Emotions that are dependent on the situation and time are of the mind. These are often negative feelings that serve only the needs of the ego after separation. These feelings always have a counterpoint and are connected with the past or future.

The well-being described, functions as an essential component of the quantum healing method. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of this feeling during a healing session and to feel it intensely.

The Intention

In addition to the absolute presence of the performer and the required well-being, it is also necessary to formulate a clear intention. This way you show the direction to pure consciousness and which form the formless should become. The healer must precisely determine what the cure should be now. As a next step, the condition must be considered and felt as if it had already healed.

Quantum healing spiritual is healing through consciousness

Following the method and guidance of Kinslow, it takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. According to the methods already mentioned, it is merely a question of touching a tense and a non-tense muscle with two fingertips. Done with consciousness and the inner well-being, if muscle relaxation occurs, the session is already over, and healing may ideally happen.

The effects of healing persist for a long time after a session.
We can perform the method also as a distance healing. Also, if necessary, one can do this alone with consciousness. Quantum healing is an ingenious method if you master it.

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