Here's Why Qigong Should Definitely Be A Part Of Your Daily Routine

5 Reasons to Get to Know Qigong: Yoga’s Less Popular Cousin


Qigong is a less famous replacement for yoga which is used to gain back your lost life energy and spiritual energy. It is amazing how few body movements and deep breathing in unison can give us inner peace.

Qigong awakens you to the sensation of energy flowing through the body. Like letting the genie out of the bottle. You become aware of something that didn’t exist in your consciousness before.

Here are five reasons to get to know Qigong, yoga’s less popular cousin.

If you’re looking to boost your energy and calm your mind, I know someone you’ve got to meet: her name is Qigong. She’s Yoga and Meditation’s less-sexy, easy-to-underestimate cousin — and she’s amazing.

1. She’s an incredible healer. She can reduce arthritis, chronic pain, high blood pressure, fatigue, diabetes, and cancer side effects while boosting your immunity, energy, bone density, sleep, mood, and balance. She’s even got the studies to prove it.


2. She’s unpretentious. There’s nothing showy about her. Her movements are slow, mindful, graceful, and powerful. While she’s great at building strength and balance, her moves aren’t particularly difficult, and you probably won’t see her on the cover of a glossy magazine sporting Lululemon. No stretchy pants are required to hang with her.

3. She’s easy to be with. Unlike her cousin Meditation (who’s awesome, but let’s face it, can be kind of uptight sometimes), Qigong doesn’t ask you to sit there and try to not pay attention to your thoughts. Instead, she helps the mind and nervous system to settle down by giving you lots to pay attention to, like your breath, and simple movements that repeat.

4. She’ll help you love your body. Rather than seeing the body as something you need to ignore or transcend (like Meditation sometimes says), Qigong encourages you to tune into the body as a focal point for concentration. Your body becomes a portal for tuning into the more subtle layers. (So she’s kind of a feminist — none of that “body is dirty and mundane” baggage here.)

5. She’s sophisticated. She’s got different routines designed to support each system of the body. She’ll even teach you some points that acupuncturists use to get qi to move properly.


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