How To Create Consciously And Manifest A Dream Life

How To Create Consciously And Manifest A Dream Life

create consciously and manifest

Manifesting means you can create consciously the life you love living.

If you can create consciously and manifest, you determine what happens in your life. From its conceptual meaning, the manifestation is something that is becoming visible or to make it visible or physical. In the spiritual sense, manifesting means consciously creating your reality.

What is a reality?

While the reality is all that is, the now is merely a product of reality. Reality is the background of everything that exists, and it is a prerequisite for experiences to be made in the first place. Therefore, it is a kind of playground for our experiences. Only here and now is the time, the three-dimensional space and the illusions of fear and separation.

However, as we manifest, we consciously create our reality.

create consciously manifest

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
Albert Einstein

Time and space are just an illusion

Time and space are just a creation of our mind. It is a finding that we learned from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Time and space are not realities but merely supporting structures that we need for the recognition of objects, for our orientation and memory. The imagination of our minds seem to be real, but usually, we mistake them for reality.

Our world is a reality of experience

We can also call our world reality of experience. However, to gain experience, we humans had to limit our mental abilities. We had to forget our divine consciousness and become unconscious. The only unchangeable reality is not the world of matter but only our true, conscious, eternal self.

Consciousness creates reality

The creation of our reality is nothing special because we are always doing that anyway — everything that is in our existence we have created. Even if we are not aware of that, it is difficult to understand, especially when we face a reality that we do not like. For example, if a person suffers from a severe illness, then he might say, “I’ve never created such a thing!” Yes, maybe. There are just unconscious parts in him responsible. Perhaps, on a deeper level, he wanted to have just that experience of the disease. Often these parts are also internal programming that we have been carrying in ourselves for a long time.

Manifesting is creating consciously

To manifest means to determine consciously a lot of what happens in our lives. It depends on our state of consciousness. For people who are unable to look beyond the “box” of their three-dimensional reality, this is a great challenge. Whose consciousness is aware? This question quickly gets you to a point where the words do not help much. But almost everyone can broaden their consciousness to imagine realities beyond our space-time reality. The movies are full of it. With awareness, we can rise above our three-dimensional world.

We do not believe in ourselves.

Most people live in a firm, seemingly immovable belief that they can not determine their destiny. They believe that other people, their circumstances or the conditions of their origin can influence their lives. But if others can decide about us, are we not able to control our lives? Can we not achieve a joyful and pleasant or eventful life? Can we not determine to be healthy or live in prosperity? Or are we just the victims of the circumstances?

create consciously manifest

The determination and our expectations

Determine, provision. The precise determination seems to be at least one of the magic formulas with which we can arrive at a successful manifestation.

Also, our expectation shows the state of our consciousness. By what we expect, we can determine our destiny. It can be both in the positive and in the negative sense. For example, it has a significant impact on our lives, whether we expect happiness or misfortune. The thorough examination of our expectations seems to be another means of manifestation.

Energy flows where attention goes

Emile Coulé (1857-1926) was a French pharmacist and founder of modern, conscious autosuggestion. He concluded that thinking actively controls our body as well as our whole life and said that energy always follows attention. It is crucial that we understand how each thought contributes to the creation, that is, the manifestation.

Why manifest?

Manifestation is a method by which, provided we have acquired sufficient awareness, we can create our reality according to our wishes. But inner programming, beliefs, projections, promises once made, oaths, paradigms, treaties, agreements or even karmic burdens are creating reality. And such patterns can cause that we achieve a very different result than what we wanted.

Therefore, it is so essential for us to expand our consciousness. The higher our conscious awareness, the less anxiety, worry, or feelings of guilt have a meaning in our lives. Also, people who are aware of their divine origin are mainly free from dark thoughts, greed, envy or aggression. They lovingly encounter everything in creation.

If we are the creators of our reality, why do we not want to create it consciously? If we don’t do that, we will remain victims in all our lives. Then we are victims of our fears, our beliefs, our lack of feelings and the mass consciousness. We are also the victims of those who consciously want to keep us small. What we see everywhere in the world is caused by this.

Is manifesting mystery?

How can we manifest something? How can you bring what you want into life? Many spiritual people think that this is possible in principle. You have to know how to do it and then apply this knowledge accurately. To be able to create consciously and manifest, it is necessary to concentrate all of our psychic or divine power. We do not need an external influence.

There are many books and articles on this topic. The best-selling book on the subject is “The Secret.” It shows some ways to manifest. Whether these are sufficient to be able to create consciously and manifest successfully is questionable.

The quantum consciousness provides arguments

From the insights gained through quantum physics and quantum consciousness, we can see that there is a purely theoretical possibility of conscious manifestation. Human consciousness can bring into being what surrounds us.

The universe represents an infinitely large space. The microcosmic equivalent represents the space inside the atoms. In space, there are vibrating elementary particles, like the quanta or photons. These are in constant exchange with each other. It results in wave-shaped energy. This energy is so high that it is even possible to measure it at absolute zero. The absolute zero represents the lower limit of the temperature (-273.15 ° C) that can be measured on Earth. Here the kinetic energy is zero.

The zero point field, the stage of our life

Physicists also assume that the information exchange between the elementary particles happens almost at the same time. Therefore, the universe appears to us as a single organism of interconnected energy fields. The wave-shaped energies, together with light as an information carrier, represent the so-called zero-point field. Through our careful observation, the wave function collapses at this zero-point field.
Nothing can exist independently in nature. Everything connects to everything. There is a constant exchange of information. The separation is a pure construct of the mind.

This field is also called zero point energy, quantum field, information field or matrix. The zero point field is the stage of our life and contains the energetic blueprint of everything that exists and also of what has hitherto existed only in the form of potential. Therefore, it includes everything that is, what was, what will be and what might be.
The zero point field is an interactive and interacting energy field in which everything is potentially already contained.

The quantum philosophers also use the zero-point field for explanations of phenomena such as telepathy, premonitions or self-healing.

Create your dream life

If we can learn the process to create consciously and manifest, then we will be able to create our dream life just the way we want it. But that does not seem so easy. Indeed a great deal is already gained if we can prevent ourselves from making painful experiences over and over again through awareness, and not being victims of our fears.

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