Qigong Is Here To Help You Gain Your Lost Life Force Energy

Qigong Is Here To Help You Gain Your Lost Life Force Energy


Have you ever wondered how much Qigong, which is popularly famous among people who are serious about learning ‘tai chi’ can trigger your life force energy? An art of using gentle movements, breathing techniques, and meditation to strengthen the life energy can be the best replacement of yoga.

We human beings have been suffering from mental and physical imbalance for centuries which had always led to physical and mental frustration i.e. lack of spiritual energy. And it is high time for us to choose a path that leads to an equilibrium in life. Qigong includes both gentle and incredible dynamic techniques that can be easily practiced by the young as well as the old homo sapiens.

Are you ready to gain your lost life force energy? The article below will help you reach the equilibrium in life.


For centuries, ancient knowledge pertaining to the enhancement of spiritual energy was hidden from western civilization. In it’s stead developed an industry designed to chemically increase energy levels through artificial compounds that ultimately leave you needing more to reach equilibrium while also diminishing the bodies natural energy reserves in the process. Resulting from this lack of spiritual energy, an epidemic of physical and mental imbalance has become widespread.  All change starts with the individual, “You”, deciding to generate and restore your energy levels, naturally.

In Chinese “Qi” is translated as life force energy and “Gong” means daily practice; therefore Qigong is loosely translated as the daily practicing of life force energy. Qigong, by definition is the practice of aligning the body, breath, and mind in unison, for health, and is highly beneficial in preparation for martial arts training, meditation practice, and even encounters with a plant teacher.


It is unknown the exact origin of Qi, but it is believed to be penetrating every fractal dimension of the cosmic universe. What ever this energy is, it is inside all life and it is this same energy that creates the wind and thunderstorms and penetrates to the farthest corners of the universe. In all objects, animate or inanimate, a vibration exists and energy is in all vibration, therefore energy exists in all things. This energy penetrates all space and time and is most commonly understood as Spirit or God. Religious traditions say that God is omnipresent.

Qigong should be practiced as often as possible in order to accumulate the life force energy to the optimal level. For noticeable results, a minimum time of seven minutes should be devoted in the morning and seven minutes at dusk. For optimal results, this should be followed by a short meditation (seated or standing) to integrate the energy.

To maximize the benefits of these practices, the concentration should remain on slow and deep, methodical coordination of breathing with movement, as this is extremely impactful in allowing for the complete oxygenation of the blood and body. Alternating breathing techniques is also good for greater lung capacity and oxygen delivery to every cell in the body. There is also a strengthening of the nervous system that occurs which is highly effective in reducing the accumulated build up of stress and anxiety.

“7 minutes of Magic” is a great beginners clip that will leave you feeling strong, light, and calm in just 7 minutes of relaxing motions with coordinated deep breathing. Just follow the steps and move in coordination with your breath.

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