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(VIDEO) How To Create Kick-Ass Music While Lucid Dreaming


Before you learn how to add a soundtrack to your dream you must understand that everything in your dreams requires focus to exist. While you dream, your mind gives precedence to what you are currently focused on. Your mind will continue to add detail to anything you give attention to, and erase that which you do not give attention to.

You need to understand the difference between reality and a dream. You need to understand how to control the reality part of a dream. Only then with the help of self-control you will be able to succeed in making music in your own lucid dream.

Ever wanted to experience unmatched powers, like controlling this entire natural dreaming phenomena? By using lucid dreaming, you can remember every moment of a dream and it is you who has all the powers to choose between when to dream and what to dream.

In this article, you will learn how to create your own music using lucid dreaming.

Is it possible to create original music during a lucid dream? Yes, it certainly is. Not necessarily more possible than while you’re awake but definitely possible.

The First Song I Ever Made in a Lucid Dream

One night, a few years ago, I was making an introductory video for this website. The video needed a musical soundtrack that would be simple and unobtrusive, yet tuneful and hopefully pleasant. At the risk of sounding vain, I admit that I am very vain. Especially when it comes to my music. So I decided that I would make a bone-rattlingly good tune that would nicely fit the fantastical lucid dreaming video.

I put together four chords that I’ve always liked and started creating a song. It started nicely enough, but nothing was clicking. I kept repeating the chords in the hope that my brain would autopilot its way to something decent, but no such luck. I was tired, it was late, so I went to bed and subsequently to sleep.

Now! We’ve all done that thing where our brains replay the last song we heard on persistent auto-repeat. Yes? And we’ve all done that thing where we spend some time doing a repetitive activity in the evening, then when we go to sleep we dream about doing the same activity.

So far, Lucid is my most successful and popular song. I’ve sold upwards of fifty copies over the internet, which I don’t have to tell you is a pretty big deal. I was even forced to make myself my own Grammy award for best song written while asleep. You can download Lucid here, or listen below. Better yet, do both.

How to Create Music in Lucid Dreams

I believe anyone has the ability to create original music during a lucid dream, even if you don’t play a musical instrument.

The Instrument

Firstly, neither of the aforementioned lucid dream song writing sessions required my physically dexterous piano skill. Both times I was waving my hands around like a wizard, rather than hitting the actual keys necessary to create the notes. From this, I conclude that physical ability to play an instrument would not be necessary to create music in a lucid dream.

But how can you remember and reproduce your lucid songs in real life?

This will be difficult unless you can play an instrument. I recommend learning one, as we only have one life and this is it.

Dream Recall

Secondly, you will need to boost your dream recall. This is because a song can be long and intricate. What might happen is you’ll have a lucid dream tonight – yes, you’ll have a lucid dream tonight. As soon as you realize “I’m dreaming! What shall I do?” you’ll remember reading about this. You’ll invent your own musical instrument, something strange and fantastic that nobody’s ever seen before. You’ll pick it up and play it like a master instrumentalist.

You can play your favorite songs in front of an audience under the stars. You’ll watch the galaxy expand around you and hear the secrets of the universe humming in your ears. You’ll play the soundtrack on your instrument, every note will fill you with joy, intrigue, excitement, wonder, and ecstasy. And then you’ll turn up the volume!

And when you wake up, you’ll remember a tenth of what you played.

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