Tibetan Lama Shares His Wisdom On Lucid Dreams! (VIDEO) - The Quantum Healing

Tibetan Lama Shares His Wisdom On Lucid Dreams! (VIDEO)

Can Lucid Dreams Can Be Used As A Bridge Between Realities ???

We all love and enjoy Ted Talk videos from TEDx and know how helpful they are, given that there are always amazing experts behind every presentation you get.

This time we got a reincarnated Tibetan lama “Chongtul Rinpoche”. He spent his years in India and really indulged himself in philosophical studies for more than 20 years. After making an impact in India as the director of a Bon monastery, he now moved in America and teaches a number of classes in Tibetan philosophy.

Having a great mastery over spirituality, in this talk he shares his wisdom and experience about how we can get hold of our own consciousness in greater and more aware manner and gain access to a lot more untapped wisdom by realizing walking the line between the our waking world and the dream world. This discussion explores how lucid dream can server as a bridge to travel these two worlds and have amazing experiences.

Watch the video below and let us know your experience and thoughts about it.