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Lucid Dream: 5 Simple Control Tactics (With One Surprising Reality Check)

These Simple Steps Will Help You Control Your Dreams While Sleeping

Lucid dreaming is all about being aware that you are dreaming and then taking control over it to bend the reality to as per your own liking.

While with some practice you can start having a lucid dream, it’s actually another game when it comes to taking control over your dream completely.
All you need is a little discipline and you’ll certainly be in a fanciful world.

Presented below are some simple but powerful methods for beginners.

Reality Checks

Lucid dreaming is all about proving to your brain that you are dreaming and that the environment you are in is not real. There are some ways around it, glitches in the Matrix if you will:

  1. Push your finger through the palm of your hand
    LDers claim that 90% of the time your finger will pass straight through your palm, indicating you are dreaming.

    Other quirks peculiar to dreaming include being able to breathe with your nose and mouth held closed, difficulty reading, telling the time and doing maths and your reflection looking different in mirrors.

  2. Affirmations
    To stop your sub-conscious from convincing you a dream is a reality, it has been suggested you try saying things like “I will LD tonight!” before falling asleep or practice mindful meditation.
  3. Keep a dream journal
    This will help you to remember your dreams more vividly and thus be more aware of them.
  4. Visualize where you want to be
    Spending a few minutes actively daydreaming about a certain environment and its object smells and sounds creates a chance that you will later find yourself in it once asleep.
  5. Discipline
    People have dedicated many years to Lucid Dreaming and written whole books on it, these are only starter tips and the more you learn about it the more frequently you will achieve a Lucid Dream and be able to control it better.
  6. Don’t get overexcited when you realize you’re dreaming (BONUS TIP)
    Stop. Put down that skyscraper. If you become too excited or anxious or any strong emotion upon realizing you are in your very own sandbox it will likely start dissolving and end early.

Rubbing your hands together has also been said to help stabilize a Lucid Dream.

Take a deep breath, remember you are dreaming and that you have an infinite amount of time there. Don’t instantly try and teleport to Saturn.

Let us know which technique or tip you like most and share with your friends to be a rock-star lucid dreamer among the club.