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Learn To do dream yoga easy and quick

Achieving success in dream yoga has never been this easy!

What is dreaming? It is not just lying down on your bed and letting the nature take its course. There is more to it.

Dream yoga is there to help you attain inner peace and physical control over what you dream of. There are lot’s of exercises that can help you control your dreams.

Dream yoga is similar to lucid dreaming. If you  dig deeper, you can convert lucid dreaming into dream yoga and unfold the mysteries of the inner processes.

Dream yoga originates from Tibet, with the soul purpose of awakening you out of the delusion of a dream and to help you develop spiritualy.

How to do dream yoga? Let’s find out!

Buddhist practitioners have understood for centuries that the illusions we encounter in dreams are the same ones we encounter in waking life.

According to legend, when Siddhartha was glowing right after his enlightenment, people asked him if he was a god, a prophet, a rishi, or a saint, and to each he replied, “No.” What he simply said is “I am awake,” and his answer became his title. The word “Buddha” comes from the Sanskrit root budh, which means “to awaken” and denotes one who has awakened from the deep sleep of ignorance. Thus from the outset, Buddhism has been intimately connected to literal and figurative sleep.

Nocturnal Meditations

The nocturnal meditations begin with lucid dreaming, which is the launching pad for exploring the deep inner space of the nighttime mind. In lucid dreaming, you’re fully conscious within the dream and therefore can do almost anything you want within it. Lucid dreaming is the ultimate in home entertainment. Your mind becomes the theater, and you are the producer, director, writer, and main actor.

Students of lucid dreaming work with the technique of recognizing dream signs as a way to trigger lucidity. Dream signs are events that alert you to the fact that you’re dreaming.

However, lucid dreaming alone will not wake you up in the spiritual sense. If you merely indulge your fantasies, lucid dreaming becomes super-samsara. When the intention is involved, even at the level of a dream, karma is created. Lucid dreams are not karmically neutral. If you want to go deeper, lucid dreaming can develop into dream yoga, which is when it becomes a spiritual practice.

With dream yoga, instead of using your mind as an entertainment center, you turn it into a laboratory. You experiment with dream meditations and study your mind using the medium of dreams. For example, one dream yoga practice is to change the objects in your dream.

Another practice is to create a frightful dream and then work with your fear. If you’re already in a nightmare and you become lucid, relate to your fear instead of running from it. This practice can show you that it’s not the contents of the nightmare that scare you, but rather your habit of taking the events to be solid and real.

n dream yoga, dream signs can also be engaged in waking life to clue you in to the fact that you’re asleep and dreaming right now. For example, if you see the world as solid, lasting, and independent—and who among us doesn’t?—then you’re dreaming. This unholy trinity is a classic set of dream signs that clue you in to the fact that you’re asleep in the world of duality.

Through the practice of dream yoga, you become a spiritual oneironaut. Oneirology is the study of dreams, and oneironauts are those who navigate the dream world. Just like astronauts explore the outer space of the cosmos, oneironauts explore the inner space of the mind.

If you want to go deeper, dream yoga can develop into sleep yoga, which is when awareness spreads not only into dreams but also into deep dreamless sleep. With sleep yoga, your body goes into sleep mode but your mind stays awake. You drop consciously into the very core of your being, the most subtle formless awareness. It’s an advanced meditation and an age-old practice in Tibetan Buddhism.

We can learn something about the nonduality of deep inner space by looking at deep outer space. Imagine floating in outer space, where the light of the sun is constantly streaming. If there’s no object placed in that light and space, then nothing is actually seen. The only thing you see is the blackness of outer space. You don’t see the light. But the instant you put an object into that streaming light, both the light and the object (duality) suddenly appear. Physicist Arthur Zajonc explains, “Without an object on which the light can fall, one sees only darkness. Light itself is always invisible. We see only things, only objects, not light.”

There’s one final destination of the night. Dream yoga and sleep yoga can develop further into bardo yoga, which is when you use the darkness of the night to prepare for the darkness of death. “Bardo” is a Tibetan word that means “gap or transitional state,” and in this case, it refers to the gap between lives. If you believe in reincarnation and want to know what to do after you die, bardo yoga is for you.

How To Do Dream Yoga

Three key ingredients are needed to begin lucid dreaming. First, strong motivation to become lucid is critical and creates momentum (karma) that carries into the dream world. It’s as if you’re “seeding” the lucid dream, a technique that is basic to any level of dream induction or incubation.

Second, good dream recall is also essential and starts with the firm resolve to remember your dreams. Dream journaling also helps. Keep the journal by your bed and write down any snippet of any dream. When you wake up, ask yourself, “Was I dreaming?” Close your eyes and try to go back in to recapture any part of the dream.

Finally, there are many specific Eastern and Western induction techniques, such as taking the supplement galantamine to increase dream clarity, wearing dream goggles (that register the rapid eye movement (REM) characteristic of the dream state and signal to you that you’re dreaming), and visualization practice (imagining a red lotus at your throat as you fall asleep).

Rapid Transformation

The reason we might want to engage in these nocturnal meditations is because they work directly with the tectonic plates of our experience. As any depth psychologist will tell you, whatever you do with your unconscious mind has vast repercussions in your conscious life. The smallest shifts in tectonic plates have massive surface implications. Your earth can quake toward enlightenment very quickly when you work with the ground of your experience.

It’s akin to why hypnosis can be so transformative. What you do “down there” has a big effect on what happens “up here.” The nighttime meditations are even more transformative because they go deeper. You’re not just working with the leaves and branches of the tree of samsara (the domain of psychology, hypnotherapy, or other self-help methods). You’re not even working with the trunk (classic meditation). You’re working with the very roots of your entire experience. Transform those roots and you’ll transform everything above.

According to Traleg Rinpoche, dream yoga can unleash potentials that have not been previously accessed, tapping into untapped reservoirs of wisdom. He relates many stories of dream yoga practitioners maturing dramatically in one night. The first Karmapa, for example, attained his enlightenment by doing dream yoga.

The Fruition of Dream Yoga

With the nighttime yogas, you can bring sleeping and dreaming fully onto the path. For those who are busy, it’s like adding a night shift. You no longer have the excuse that there isn’t time to meditate. To gain mastery over dream and sleep is to gain mastery over your own mind. The real point isn’t to control your dreams but rather to have control over your mind. By gaining mastery over your mind, you become fearless in the dark.

Dream yoga also develops both relative and absolute siddhi, or psychic power. Relative siddhi is when you have power over the world; absolute siddhi is when the world no longer has power over you. In terms of relative siddhi, masters who have accomplished dream yoga and truly see the world as a dream can manipulate the physical world as if it is no longer physical. Miracles happen when you tune in to the miraculous and illusory nature of reality.

In the case of absolute siddhi, which is much more important, dream yoga reveals the dreamlike nature of experience, and therefore, it has less power over us. The world only has the power we give to it, a power we unwittingly bestow when we take things to be real. If we freeze the world into concrete and steel, that nightmare of reification can hurt us.

Another fruition of dream yoga is liberating humor. Seeing things as solid, lasting, and independent is such a joke. And dream yogis get it. When we “break up” in laughter or “crack up” after a good joke, that lighthearted feeling comes from breaking or cracking our solid and serious approach to things. The more solid the setup, the bigger the joke. The lifelong narrative of seeing things as solid, lasting, and independent is suddenly turned on its head, and that’s a gut-buster.

Unifying Humanity

Sleep is a unifying factor of humanity. Everybody sleeps and dreams. This biological camaraderie is just the outer level of a deeper spiritual union and points to one of the greatest benefits of the nighttime yogas: their ability to yoke us to all sentient beings.

We may not be awake to it yet, but this is where we go every single night. At this ground zero of being, ignorance is replaced with insight, multiplicity is supplanted by unity, and duality melts back into nonduality. So at our core, below any surface language, race, color, or creed, we are absolutely all the same.

So the next time you see me, or anyone else, remember that we’ve met before. Remember that at this most fundamental level of being, we’re still together. It’s time to wake up to that truth.

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