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Healing Through Dreams.. Is Lucid Dreaming That Powerful?

Can Lucid Dreaming Help You Heal Emotionally?

There is some debate on this topic whether a lucid dream can be helpful and can be used as a purpose of healing.

A dream can signify a number of things and somehow the dreams can be critical in relation to one’s emotional health as we get the power to connect with our self-consciousness through lucid dreams.

The following article sheds some light on this topic. You’ll also discover a practical example that will make you realize the potential of lucid dreaming.

Although dreams can be perplexing and even frightening at times, they are vital for our emotional health as human beings. In fact, interestingly enough, one of the most common denominators that people suffering with depression share is insomnia. And why?… because dream sleep is essential for dealing with life’s emotions.

We need to dream. And if we do not experience quality dream sleep for extended periods of time, we suffer. The function of dreaming is literally embedded into our DNA (along with virtually every living organism) and there is a wide range of purpose for why we spend 32 years of our lives sawing logs.

With the proper skills and tools you can greatly enhance the dreaming experience to help you heal your life. This article is going to focus on some recent research that has been done on dreaming, but is also going introduce you to the ways in which lucid dreaming can help you harness the power of your dreams to experience incredible moments of healing and emotional resolution.

What are dreams?

Dreams are metaphorical representations of what’s going on internally. These metaphors that we dream in use things that we are familiar with as forms of expression, such as what we’ve seen, heard, felt, smelt, and tasted in life. But our dreams rearrange these experiences into interesting pronouncements of our internal needs and desires. You could say that dreams are metaphors of what’s going on physically, spiritually, and emotionally, which is why emotional health counselors often take an interest in their patient’s dreams as a form of psychotherapy. You truly can learn things about yourself, your past, and your emotional health from your dreams – things that we sometimes repress in waking life, but are desperately seeking our attention.

The eccentric perspective of our emotions and inner selves that dreams allow us to see have caused many people to believe that lucid dreaming can help us tap into the seemingly limitless power of the subconscious mind, by consciously guiding the dreaming experience.

The science of lucid dreaming:

For many years, members of the scientific community have remained incredulous to the claims of lucid dreamers and the proposed ability to consciously control the mind while dreaming. Many people (even very educated people) used to believe that lucid dreaming was hokie pokie nonsense. But things have shifted, due to the vast attention and research that’s been directed on the subject of lucid dreaming.

Prior to the lucid dreamers going to sleep, they had them perform the basic task of alternating their fist clenching from left to right. They then asked the dreamers to communicate back to them from their beds as soon as soon as they had successfully initiated a lucid dream and had them to perform the same basic exercise of clenching their fists from left to right. Fascinatingly, the dreamers successfully activated the same parts of the brain when they clenched their fists from left to right during dream sleep as they did while awake.

Pretty cool, right? So what can be done with lucid dreaming and how can it be used for emotional health?

How Can Lucid Dreaming Help Me Heal Emotionally?

Lucid dreaming can assist with emotional healing by helping you correct some of the subconscious patterns that have been knotted in your mind and heart.

A good example of this is how people use lucid dreaming to overcome recurring dreams and nightmares. Interestingly, research has shown that there is a direct correlation between people who have recurring dreams and those who suffer with OCD, anxiety, and even PTSD. But research has also shown that lucid dreaming can often help people combat these disorders and end recurring dreams by changing the dream experience through conscious guidance.

One documented instance of this was broadcast on radio lab a few years ago. They shared a fascinating story about a man who had a repeated nightmare for over 10 years, which finally ended once and for all after he confronted the terrifying character of his dream through lucid dreaming.

In summary, as you consciously guide the outcome of our dreams so that they play out how our conscious minds directs, and you can heal wounds that have repeated themselves over and over through out your life. This is possible through the practice of lucid dreaming, which may take a little practice, but in reality, anyone can learn it. I’m walking and talking evidence of this.

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