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(EXPLAINED) Where Does The Soul Go During Astral Projections

Is The Dream World Real And Does It Mean Something?

Many of the practicing beginners or wannabes have this burning question.

One of the most awesome experiences you can have in life is an astral projection or out of body experience. Being boundless and limitless in an amazing feeling when you are able to stay aware within your dream and take control over it. Some people compare this as feeling like God.

So the question arises, is that dream world is a real place or is it pure imagination of our mind? And the same question is asked about astral travel.

Where does the soul actually go while you experience out-of-body-experiences, or during astral travel?

The following article explains this concept of various layers of soul and how your soul travels and where does it wanders all over the places while you are in the dream state.

What Native Americans have to say about it

This last question implies that we only have one soul, and quite frankly, this is a rather outdated model of the soul.  According to Native Americans, we have 3 souls.  First is the ego-soul, which is embodied in the breath.  This is a more philosophical usage of the word “soul” that can be thought of as the part of us that is attached to the universe through the life of our bodies.  The second is the body-soul, which gives the body energy and life force during the waking state.  And the third is the free-soul which is the soul that leaves the body during dreams and trances.

The different layers to your soul

The traditional model of a human being consists of body, mind, and soul.  Sometimes, spirit is also included.  But in reality, you have at least 7 different aspects of your being, all of which operate at a different level (or vibrational density) of reality.

So we should actually be asking “What part of our soul is the part that lucid dreams and astral projects?”

Etheric body – First level. In contact with human body. Sustains the body and connects it to higher planes.

Emotional body – Second level. The part of us associated with emotional experience.

Mental body (thought body) –  Third level.  Made up of thoughts and thought-forms. The field where thoughts take place and where our minds exist energetically.

Astral body – In between mental body and individual soul. Also known as the “subtle body” where astral travel and lucid dreams happen.

Higher mind (individual soul) – This is YOU in the ultimate sense, and is the part of people that experiences NDEs and leaves the body at physical death.

What this all means

Instead of just thinking of the mind-body-soul trinity, we need to also be willing to explore what different layers there are to the mind and the soul.  When you experience different states of consciousness, you are literally experiencing different levels of your own energy field and the realms those levels correspond to.  Instead of thinking in terms of “I wonder where the soul goes”, we should get into the habit of thinking “I wonder what part of my energy field I exist in when I dream or astral project”.


Right now, you can’t see the different vibrational densities all around you because you are in an ordinary waking state of consciousness.  They are nonetheless still there.

When you lucid dream, astral project, or have psychedelic experiences, you aren’t experiencing worlds created by your subconscious mind.  I know this to be true because I experienced real events happening at the exact time they were happening while I was in a dream state, and many many others have as well.  When you have these deep, rich experiences in consciousness, you aren’t travelling anywhere per se.  You are simply tapping into a layer of your aura that already exists on that plane of reality.

Thanks for reading, and happy traveling.

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