(VIDEO) Emerging Science Of Lucid Dreaming At TEDx Event - The Quantum Healing

(VIDEO) Emerging Science Of Lucid Dreaming At TEDx Event

Expert Trainer Tim Post Talks About Unused Power Potential Power & Application Of Lucid Dreams

Most of us don’t realize that we already dream at night whether one remembers or not. The speaker Tim Post in this video has trained a huge number of people across the globe to achieve a state of dream awareness in while one is dreaming which also referred as “Lucid Dreaming”.

When you become “lucid” in your dream, you can consciously control and remold your dreams and create an unfathomed dream experience.

The expert speaker also makes an important point about how we can use potentially use lucid dreams to heighten psychological development, which is a really interesting possibility in the emerging science of lucid dreaming.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts whether the speakers thoughts seem practically applicable to you.

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