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Did Scientists Find The Part Of The Brain That Enables Lucid Dreaming?

Researchers Have Found That ‘ONE COMMON THING’ In Frequent Lucid Dreamers…

According to a recent report published, the scientists may have figured out the part of the human brain that induces the lucid dreaming as they found one thing in common in the people who are aware and in control during their dreams.

There is an overwhelming tips and techniques floating aroudn the web about how to have a lucid dream and what not. Still a very small group of people are able to experience a lucid dream. But this science report from German scientists can be a breakthrough that you are looking for.

“Our results indicate that self-reflection in everyday life is more pronounced in persons who can easily control their dreams,” said Elisa Filevich, a research at the Centre for Lifespan Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, who was one of the leaders of the research.

Although research has previously shown that people who lucid dream appear to have more pronounced awareness of their own thought processes, known as metacognition, this is one of the first studies to explore the link between the two at a neural level.

To do this, the team asked volunteers to complete a questionnaire on their lucid dreaming ability, and then split them into two groups depending on whether they were highly lucid, or never or rarely lucid during dreams.

The team then performed structural and functional MRI scans on the two different groups to compare the volume of different regions of their brains.

What they found was that participants who were highly lucid during dreams had larger anterior prefrontal cortexes, which is the region of the brain that controls conscious cognitive processes and plays an important role in our ability to self reflect.

The team also took scans while the participants were solving waking self awareness tests. The scans revealed that lucid dreamers also had more brain activity happening in their prefrontal cortex than regular dreamers. This suggests that the same brain region is connected to both abilities.

The researchers are now eager to find out whether these self awareness skills can be taught. Their next study will attempt to teach volunteers to lucid dream, and then see whether their self-reflection also improves as a result.

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