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(7 SIMPLE STEPS + TIPS) Lucid Dreams For Everyone

Do You Want To Experience a Lucid Dream? Plain and Simple?

Then you just skip this following paragraph and jump right to the instruction graphic containing the simple steps that anyone can follow to have a lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming is when you are in a dream and you are aware that you are in a dream and then you try to take over it. In this state, your chances of exerting some level of control get higher and you should be able to manipulate your imaginations into the dream world.
There are high amounts of beta-1 frequency (13-19 Hz) range brain wave activities. So the parietal lobes get a higher amount of activities that are probably responsible for making lucid dreams a conscious procedure and blah blah blah…

Who wants to get into so much technical theory and all. Just see the steps below and keep practicing on a regular basis to experience lucid dreams.
Happy Dreaming!

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