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5 Amazing Herbs That Induce Lucid Dreams

Accomplished Lucid Dreamers’ Secret To Have Unfair Advantage!

Our nature has so many secrets that we can keep exploring until eternity and our ancestors were very aware of these.
Since ancient times, herbs and plants have been an integral component of our awakening journey. There are numerous types of herbs in mother nature that have the power to expand your awareness and life you up so that one can rise into the consciousness of cosmos.

How Can The Lucid Dreamers Get Help From Mother Nature?

Below are the 5 plants that are able to help you to explore and connect to the other dimensions by stimulating your self-consciousness.

1. Xhosa Dream Root – The Teaching Plant

Known as the ‘teaching plant’ Xhosa is considered highly sacred. Shamans use Xhosa dream root to promote lucid dreaming and to initiate other shamans in a ceremony.
If you want more vivid and profound dreams and to gain universal insight, give this herb a try.

2. Celastrus Paniculatus – The Elixir of Life

Sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, doesn’t it? But this amazing gift from Mother Nature has a lot of stellar qualities. Used for more than lucid dreaming it is also known to promote longevity and sharpens the mind and memory.

3. Blue Lotus – Mind Body Spirit Herb

This is a favorite that is used in yogic practices, the blue lotus is known to be a source of the universe’s highest sacred energies.

This relaxing herb promotes the mind body spirit connection as well as lucid dreaming states.

4. Wild Asparagus Root – Fly by Night

This special herb is known to give the dreamer the ability to fly in your dreams.

Many Taoists use and recommend this herb for dream mobility, and reports have many users soaring through the skies and the universe.

5. African Dream Bean – Master Spirit Connections

Considered the best for promoting euphoric lucid dreaming states.

This herb is often used in magic and rituals many find that their dreams are so powerful and vivid and declare that spirit communications come on quickly.

Please feel free to pick one or more to try and share your results with us. We will be really happy to hear about your experiences.