New Information Reveals The Piece Of God In Quantum Healing! - The Quantum Healing

New Information Reveals The Piece Of God In Quantum Healing!

The Spiritual Component Revealed In Your Body Waits For You To Speak To It!

This fresh theory about healing with quantum energy provides a new perspective. It is very common thinking to use mind powers for holistic healing and most of us seem to be limited to that only.

Here you will find something far more powerful and beyond of the norms to take complete control of the energy and create your own reality by truly connecting to your own consciousness.

Not only you can communicate to your higher self but you’ll also realize the oneness of us all and the universe.

Read through this and share your thoughts.

New Information About Healing:
The Human body is interesting. It is a piece of biology that is you, but it often seems to be in the other room. What I mean by this is that there is no real communication between you and your system. It is not designed to communicate with you, except through pain. That’s all. It is a one-dimensional aspect given to you early on so you would be able to survive – so you’d know if you were stepping on a hot coal, for instance. Or so you would know if something was hurting or poking you, in order to get away from it…

You might look at this whole Human body scenario and say, “What kind of a system is this? Is the body so dumb that it cannot even alert me to these important things that are going on in myself?” The answer is yes, if you measure this issue from a standpoint of what you have been taught… a very limited scope of view…

Within the DNA is a spiritual component. In the DNA is a piece of God, a piece of home. In the DNA, there’s a quantumness of reality. Within the DNA, as my partner stated, there is intelligent design. The field that is around DNA has been observed and proven by science to be interdimensional. One piece against the other against another creates an interlocking, overlapping interdimensional field that has one address to the universe… and your name on it…

………………. Now I call this, “your body listening to the boss,” for DNA waits for you to speak to it through your own consciousness. There is an enlightened attribute in your DNA… you would call it your Higher-Self, perhaps.

– Kryon/Lee Carroll

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