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Struggling With DNA Activation?

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Do You Want To Activate Your DNA or Looking For 12 Strand DNA Activation?

You are making a mistake and missing out if you do not understand The Golden Ratio.

It’s a turning point of the golden age where we live as of now, where nature will arrange it’s system and turn back to balance the earth by its universal system. A system is known as the Golden Ratio.

The golden ratio was discovered by Adolf Zeising, a scientist in the field of botany and it is the principal of exponential evolution.

The question arises how and why The Golden Ratio is important or even related to the DNA activation?

DNA holds and stores all the information of yours, everything from your looks, your organs’ condition to all your behavior. A human body have 12 strands of DNA but all of these are not activated.

You probably know this so read on and below you’ll discover how these two things are connected together and more importantly our favorite part is about how we can activate all 12 strands by Golden Ratio.

What is the Golden Ratio?

The Golden Ratio is a pattern  that nature follows in the construction of all of its art and beauty. It is the order within the apparent chaos of nature. Although it doesn’t always appear that way, everything is aligned in perfect harmony – the order of the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is the principal of exponential evolution. Instead of growing in a linear formation of 1+1+1+1, evolution is by nature essentially exponential. The Golden Ratio describes the rate at which  that exponential growth unfolds.

The basic premise is that you take two numbers, add them, and the sum total of those two numbers comprises the third number in the evolutionary sequence. The fourth number is then determined by the sum of the greatest two of the three values in the equation.

As an example of exponential growth, let’s start with the number 1.

1 + 1 = 2

Of these 3 values, the larger two of the three quantities are added to find the fourth number in the exponential sequence.

1 + 2 = 3

Again, the larger two of the three quantities are added to find the next  number in the exponential sequence.

2 + 3 = 5

Again, the larger of the two values are added…

3 + 5 = 8


5 + 8 = 13

13 + 8 = 21

13 + 21 = 34

21 + 34 = 55…

… and so on.

This sequence is also depicted in a curve called the Fibonacci curve, which depicts this  universal pattern of growth:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987 ….

And this sequence of exponential growth is exemplified all around the universe in nature.

So How is This Related to DNA?

Your DNA are spirals that exist within your body that hold all the information of who you are. It holds the information about how you look, the colour of your eyes, and your basic disposition. It holds information about your past, it holds information about your behaviour, the condition of your organs, it holds information about just a really deep myriad about the complexity of your unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind.

Just as there is a  natural unfolding of spirals within nature, there is this same natural unfolding within the physical body.

In the field of botany, scientist  Adolf Zeising first discovered the Golden Ratio in the arrangement of branches along the stem of plants, and the arrangements of veins in leaves. Similarly, it is widely accepted that the human body also reflects the same pattern, with  population samples confirming the presence of the Golden Ratio in the proportions of the human body. At a DNA level,  mathematical relationship involving the Golden Ratio describes a  3-dimensional geometric helix shape that exactly  mirrors  the known ratios of our DNA. The Golden Ratio is also the ratio of anionic to cationic radii of any atom.

There are eight centers and glands within the body that hold the vibration of the physical body. As it expands into the next octave, we incorporate the twelve strands of DNA. What this means is that we’re living along this Golden Ratio, this golden thread that is going through us. This is the thread of evolution, which I believe is the inner bliss, the true love that we purely are, that God frequency evolves in a certain way. So in order for us to know the divine spark, that golden spark of bliss that we are, we have to explore the eight major frequencies that exist within the instrument of the body.

If we can master the eight major frequencies that exist in the eight energy centers of this physical body, we can then move on to playing with five other frequencies (the ‘sharps and flats’) that exist outside of the body to complete the full octave. As we experience in the musical scale, the thirteenth note is the completion of an octave.

What happens when we complete the octave is that we experience exponential evolution. We go from being in the physical dimension, living this physical life, into a multi-dimensional exponential way of knowing our true nature, relating to our true nature. We start experiencing who we are in other dimensions, in other lifestyles, and in our past lives. We get to know different archetypes that are part of our DNA, which are initially dormant within us but which start to activate naturally when we activate this ray of bliss.

LumenOctave-300x300Our Multidimensional Selves

It is a most incredible natural process of evolution that we are in, and we are doing this in perfect accord with the Golden Ratio, activating the eight centers within the body and allowing our selves to be fully activated beings. From this place, we can truly enter the journey into our multidimensional selves.

Our multidimensional selves are able to be accessed through fully activated bliss bodies, where we are living within the sensation of who we truly are all the time instead of struggling to heal ourselves or to truly know ourselves. Instead of experiencing ourselves within the constructs that we’ve been given in the physical universe, we can begin to know ourselves truly and genuinely – as divine beings.

As we step into our bliss vibration and embody our evolution, in perfect alignment to the Golden Ratio and the Law of Octaves, we begin create a place where we can all live our inheritance of the bliss frequency. We are together in this journey of bringing about the Golden Age. Recognizing the natural sequence of exponential growth, we can reach new octaves and learn to harmonize with each other, returning this natural order to the Earth.

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