The Healing Power Of Stones & Crystals – Part 3/3 - The Quantum Healing

The Healing Power Of Stones & Crystals – Part 3/3

Resonance of the Healing Stones with the Chakras

Ancient Egyptian cultures have already known about the energy of healing stones. In the Middle Ages, Hildegard von Bingen has dealt extensively with the healing stone theme. Healing stones are made of inorganic substances and are usually classified as minerals. Stones such as tourmaline, rock crystal or rose quartz can have a beneficial effect on the body, mind and soul level. Often complaints can be alleviated and sometimes even healed. These effects occur when health stones are placed in a specific body zone or worn over a certain period of time on the body, for example as a chain or bracelet. Round-cut tumbled stones are ideal as a flatterer.

Man consists of seven energy fields or seven energy bodies. In addition to the physical body, there are also the etheric, the emotional, the mental, the causal, the wisdom, the celestial and the spirit-light bodies. This torso is also called the human aura. It is permeated by our mind and our soul. The energy bodies are fed by the universal life energy that surrounds us. The energy flows in a circle through the energy torso. Without this life energy, we can not live. The better and more intensively she flows through us, the healthier, the stronger and the more alert we live.

The central switching centers of this energy exchange are our energy centers, called chakras. Depending on the philosophy you can count 7 or 9 main chakras. Each chakra has an individual vibration or frequency bandwidth, over which emotional communication mainly takes place. These frequencies are extremely high and can not be measured with our instruments. According to the resonance principle, however, certain deeper vibrations resonate with these high vibrations. And this applies in a special way to the special vibrations of the gems.

Depending on the gemstone and its properties, it will resonate with the chakras. From a certain quality or resonance strength, an interaction occurs which can have a very positive effect on the particular chakra and the associated human energy bodies. The vibration of the gem stimulates the chakras and energy bodies to regain their original “healthy” vibrational matrix. As a result, energetic blocks of all kinds can be released (mental, psychic, emotional, mental/karmic) and the energy flow is re-triggered. This also has positive repercussions on the physical body and not infrequently this leads to a cure or alleviation of illnesses and problems. In a broader sense, every cure means returning to the inherent “healthy” energy structure. Here, healing stones can be of special help to us.

Applications of Healing Stones in Various BlockagesA disease is no coincidence but is the result of energy blockages. Healing stones has a strong elemental power. Amber, moonstone, amethyst or tiger’s eye unfolds their effect through different treatment methods.

The laying of stones on the energy centers increases the well-being and relieves illnesses. This type of healing stone treatment is mainly used in alternative medicine. The healing effect arises from the positive vibrational energies.

The indirect method: Meditation with health stones works in a similar way to hanging up, however, the application mainly refers to the concentration of the mind. The selected healing stone supports body perception and promotes relaxation. Another application is the placement of healing stones in the environment. In the bathroom or in living areas, they are decorative accessories and simultaneously exude their beneficial energies.

The direct method: Healing stones are worn directly on the body or used as a hand flatterer. Visual perception enhances the effect on many people. Carry a healing stone until your symptoms improve.

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