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Ultimate Guide To Clear Your Energetic Field & Balance Your Chakras


Chakras are nothing but a melange of energies in our bodies which interfere with our psychological standards. There are 7 main energy centers in our body.

First things first, why is it that necessary to balance our chakras? If you ever suffer from achiness or stiffness, or you suffer from an emotional state of mind, pen down your chakras are imbalanced.

To balance your chakras you must be first able to clear your energetic field.

The energetic field can be cleared by letting your mind wander on its own and stop clinging onto past events of your life that do matter to you currently. The worst thing in life is stepping backward in evolution when your higher self wants you to keep moving forward. Visualize the incredible energy you want to convert into a void and then let it release down your grounding cord.

This article tells us everything about balancing our chakras.

I want to describe the process I go through to clear stagnant energy from my subtle body and open up the chakras. This is something that has brought enormous joy into my life.

chakras21-300x300Before I get into the process more, I need to do a bit of a disclaimer. This is not something to be done ritualistically. It’s not meant to encourage unconscious, habitual repetition, in fact it’s meant to break you out of that. This is about living life, your life, and how you do that is up to you.

Now the first step is to quiet the mind. To consciously clear the energetic body, you need to be aware of it, and that’s very difficult when an overactive mind is constantly demanding attention.

This is where meditation comes in, learning to let go of the mind and embrace Consciousness. Meditation is simply quieting the mind, it doesn’t matter so much how you do it.

Here’s a couple tips when meditating: First, you can’t force the mind to be quiet. That’s using the mind to try to quiet the mind, which is only going to excite the mind more. Thinking about quieting the mind at all is just going to feed into it more. Meditation is letting go of thinking, which is an enormous paradigm shift from the thinking-based world most people live in.personal-growth-300x286

This is difficult because most people operate on the ego level where you believe yourself to be your thoughts

The mind is like a parade, let it march on by. It likely won’t happen instantly, but if you can keep watching your thoughts without losing yourself in them, then mind will start to slow down, and then the real cleansing of the energetic body can begin.

While there’s similarities between the physical and energetic bodies, they’re quite different as well. The feelings that come from the energy body are fundamentally different than the physical senses like sight and smell.

On the other hand, an unhealthy energy body can create negative emotions like fear and anxiety. Remember that these are just words, and there’s a depth to the feelings that goes far beyond such simple labels.

9934658-300x189The activation of the energy body can also produce sensations such as feeling pressure, tingling, and energy rushing through you. These feelings can range from gentle and soothing, to very very intense.

The most effective way I’ve found to clear the energy body is to work directly with the energy itself. The mind just gets in the way, it tries to interpret, label and analyze the feelings which makes things unnecessarily complicated.

I bring my attention inward, not necessarily to any specific place, though the energy coming from the chakras is usually the easiest to feel, so that’s a good place to start. You can also direct your attention to any place you feel muscle tension, discomfort, pleasure, tingling, really any sensation is fine. Look at it, simply feel it, and one of two things will happen. The first possibility is that it will come alive, the feeling may grow, move around, pulsate, and change.

This is really what’s happening within and around you in chakra_dancer-300x300every moment, but the movements of these subtle energies only happen subconsciously for most people.

Now I mentioned something else may happen when you bring your attention inwards, something not quite as miraculous, but still equally important to be aware of. In the “past” you had traumatic experiences, and these things you still carry with you.

When you quiet your mind, and bring your attention inwards, this stuff can’t help but come up. When you store all this negative energy in your unconscious, it’s really being stored in your energy body and disrupting it’s natural flow.

chakras4-242x300So when you bring your attention inwards, and these negative emotions come up, these memories of the past come up, worries, anxiety or stress comes up, simply be aware. Don’t react to them, simply be aware of them, feeling them. Don’t try to fight, don’t run away, just be aware. It’s only energy and when it’s seen fully for what it is, it can be transformed and released.

It’s good to feel these things, it creates the opportunity for true resolution and healing. That’s something that can’t happen when you’re trying to avoid your pain. Look at the feelings directly and they will start to lose the power they had over you. Hidden in the darkness of unconsciousness, the parts of yourself you don’t want to confront can seem like big scary monsters.

Now when feeling energy from others, it’s very easy to take on that energy yourself. Emotions are contagious, even

for people totally unconscious of the fact that they’rei1-300x298 absorbing energy from other people. These emotions excite the mind, which then draws attention away from the subtle energy body, and makes the kind of healing I’m talking about here all the more difficult.

For this reason, the healing of the energy body is generally done alone or with others who are at least somewhat balanced themselves.

Personally, when I’m around people who carry a lot of negative emotions, I have to keep clearing my energy and grounding. If you’re not centered, it’s very easy to start taking on other’s problems and this world is full of people who are more than willing to share their problems with you.

Every moment of your life is an opportunity for growth, healing and expansion. This moment, right now, is the only moment that healing actually occurs. Don’t put conditions on it, don’t push it into the “future”, just be present and aware.

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