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Know The 10 Hidden Benefits of Meditation

Know The 10 Hidden Benefits of Meditation

10 Hidden Benefits of Meditation The reasons so many people choose to meditate is the inner peace and contentment it can induce. There is a variety of other purposes as well. It needs regular practice for maximum benefit. However, if meditation is new for you, here are 10 hidden benefits that you may not have […]

How To Create Consciously And Manifest A Dream Life

create consciously and manifest

Manifesting means you can create consciously the life you love living. If you can create consciously and manifest, you determine what happens in your life. From its conceptual meaning, the manifestation is something that is becoming visible or to make it visible or physical. In the spiritual sense, manifesting means consciously creating your reality. What […]

How To Heal And Balance Your Life With Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound Healing brings you in tune with the rhythm of the universe For millennia, indigenous peoples and ancient cultures have used sounds to treat sick people and to reach higher levels of consciousness. Shamanism and the East Asian cultural Vedic teachings, for example. Also, the chanting of Mantras is helpful. This ancient knowledge we have […]

This Mummified 200-year-old Monk Is Giving Scientists A Tough Time

He is not Dead, He is still in deep meditation! In a very strange and bizarre incident, a mummified 200-year-old monk was found in Mongolia in lotus position of meditation. Sounds weird? It is believed that this monk was found in a rare state of meditation called ‘Tukdam’. Such mind baffling incidents have occurred in […]

(VIDEO) 6 Humans With Mind-Blowing Superpowers That Science Can’t Explain

MYSTIC HUMANS WITH SUPERPOWERS WHO GAVE SCIENCE A TOUGH TIME! Indecipherable and astounding phenomena have been observed throughout the human history. Phenomena which are miracles that have no logical explanation behind them. There are many examples of humans with superpowers that have no logical explanation behind them. Yes! Such kind of mysticism is implanted into […]

Flowers That Even Darwin Can’t Explain (Wonderful Mother Nature)

What A Wonderful World We Live In! Today, have a small break from whatever you’re doing and spend some time looking and appreciating the beautifully surprising work of mother nature. These flowers will make you think about how wonderful our world is as these are really beyond our imagination. Keep smiling with these amazing pictures […]

(Discovery) Body Pain Correlates With Spiritual & Emotional Pain?

Studies Show How Your Spiritual & Emotional Pain Can Cause Your Body Pain Do you remember those moments when life gets crazy sometimes and you go on an unstoppable emotional roller-coaster ride? Can you ever imagine that these emotions can very well affect your physical body? There are several studies on this topic and some […]