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8 Benefits of Meditation for a Better Mind

8 Benefits of Meditation for a Better Mind

Meditation will benefit your state of mind Who does not want a better mind? Meditation will help. In a time of change, life can bring a lot of emotional challenges. Many people choose to meditate to eliminate fear, stress, and emotional upset. There are a lot of studies about the benefits of meditation. Meditation is […]

(DISCOVER) The Secret To Opening Your Chakras

STRUGGLING TO OPEN YOUR CHAKRAS? TRY THIS… Chakras are nothing but a melange of energies in our bodies which interfere with our psychological standards also known as the centers of prana, the life force, and vital energy. Opening your chakras can be very uncomplicated as well as intricate at times. You should be mentally prepared […]

Mindfulness Meditation In Classroom: A Treat For Students

IS BRINGING MINDFULNESS TO THE CLASSROOM NECESSARY? LET’S FIND OUT! A large number of people think about giving a try to mindfulness meditation, but it can be really hard sometimes to know where to begin. It is simple if you make up your mind to do it. All you have to do is take a comfortable […]

Qigong Is Here To Help You Gain Your Lost Life Force Energy

CAN QIGONG REALLY HEAL, FIND OUT THE TRUTH Have you ever wondered how much Qigong, which is popularly famous among people who are serious about learning ‘tai chi’ can trigger your life force energy? An art of using gentle movements, breathing techniques, and meditation to strengthen the life energy can be the best replacement of yoga. We […]

F*ck That: A Guided Meditation

For the Realities of Today’s World… This is as some people say is a meditation for the realities of today’s world. The response has been outrageous on this video. So much so that people are looking place to buy it on iTunes so that they could listen to it anytime on their own. A mental […]

(SLEEP TRACK) Binaural beats and Isochronic Tones For Lucid Dreaming!

8 Hour Sleep Cycle Track To Help Your Lucid Dreaming! Binaural beat and isochronic tone frequencies use a complicated pattern that consecrates to assist you in getting better deep sleep state and have lucid dreams. The included 8-hr track below is split-up in four unparalleled divisions. First 2 Hours: The frequencies of 3-13Hz (Alpha-Theta) range […]

432 Hz – The Wonder Of Energy Healing With Sound (Track Included)

Blissful DNA Healing & Chakra Cleansing Meditation Video The following video contains tracks of sounds at 432 hz. Whether you want to practice DNA healing, Chakra Cleansing or just want to feel more relaxed, this will work for you. What Is So Magical About 432hz Frequency? Ancient technology knew a lot more than we can […]