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Tibetan Lama Shares His Wisdom On Lucid Dreams! (VIDEO)

Can Lucid Dreams Can Be Used As A Bridge Between Realities ??? We all love and enjoy Ted Talk videos from TEDx and know how helpful they are, given that there are always amazing experts behind every presentation you get. This time we got a reincarnated Tibetan lama “Chongtul Rinpoche”. He spent his years in […]

Top 5 Mistakes That Beginner Lucid Dreamers Make

Experienced Lucid Dreaming Teacher Shares Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid Made By Most Of The Students Having made these beginner mistakes while practicing lucid dreaming since her teen, Rebecca Turner explains how to avoid some common mistakes that she also noticed among her students throughout her teaching journey for years now. It can be really […]

(VIDEO) Emerging Science Of Lucid Dreaming At TEDx Event

Expert Trainer Tim Post Talks About Unused Power Potential Power & Application Of Lucid Dreams Most of us don’t realize that we already dream at night whether one remembers or not. The speaker Tim Post in this video has trained a huge number of people across the globe to achieve a state of dream awareness […]

Funny Nerds Teaching How To Lucid Dream!

Do These Science Geeks Really Know About Lucid Dreaming? Yes, They are really funny but don’t make their fun loving personality fool you because they are amazingly talented scientists from one of the leading science channel on YouTube. In today’s show they talk the science of how to lucid dream! Anyone who is serious about […]