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Exploring Your Hypnagogia: A Magical State Just Before You Fall Asleep

HYPNAGOGIA: A ROLLER COASTER JOURNEY FROM WAKEFULNESS TO SLEEP Hypnagogia is that minute gap of consciousness between wakefulness and falling sleep and vice versa. Isn’t it incredible to find yourself stuck in a gap where you could hear white noises, that just get louder with time. Hypnagogic states are mostly responsible for all the paranormal-esque […]

Guide To An Amazing Lucid Dream Using Hypnagogia

HAVING LUCID DREAMS USING HYPNAGOGIA IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK! Isn’t it fascinating to move back and forth between a lucid dream and reality? The incredible transition from real life to lucid dream is crazy. You separate from your body on the bed into the cloudy image of your incredible dream. Even words can fall […]