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(VIDEO) Never Thought That Lucid Dreaming Can Be So Meaningful

Get closer to become a fully realized awakened person-Enlightenment! The Tibetan dream yogi explains the purpose of lucid dreaming and how it can lead you to the path greater than you ever imagined. Tibetan dream yoga is a practice to have an incredible presence of mind during your sleep, often called as lucid dreaming. People […]

Learn To do dream yoga easy and quick

Achieving success in dream yoga has never been this easy! What is dreaming? It is not just lying down on your bed and letting the nature take its course. There is more to it. Dream yoga is there to help you attain inner peace and physical control over what you dream of. There are lot’s […]

Dalai Lama Speaks About Dream Yoga And It’s Enchanting

Dalai Lama is here to explain why dream yoga is useful for our spiritual development Spiritual life is all about reviving in the middle of an unrealistic dream. Tibetan Buddhism has always taught people to awaken within the dream and practice spirituality while lying on the bed with eyes closed. This is dream yoga in which […]

The 4 Levels of Lucid Dreams : The Spectrum Of Lucidity

The Lucidity Of Your Dreams Have A Spectrum One can say that we’re either having a lucid dream or not. But it’s not that simple. There are various scales of lucidity and each of the level defines not only how much control you can have but also affects your clarity of thinking, the intensity of […]