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Religious Sound Alchemy For DNA Repairing And DNA Healing

Introduce yourself to the mysterious sound alchemy method of DNA repairing! The sound is nothing but a pressure wave which is absorbed by human tissues before it would reach the inside of a cell non-contaminated. Since ancient times, it has been believed that sound frequencies can actually help us with DNA healing. Frequency has the […]

432 Hz – The Wonder Of Energy Healing With Sound (Track Included)

Blissful DNA Healing & Chakra Cleansing Meditation Video The following video contains tracks of sounds at 432 hz. Whether you want to practice DNA healing, Chakra Cleansing or just want to feel more relaxed, this will work for you. What Is So Magical About 432hz Frequency? Ancient technology knew a lot more than we can […]

Quantum Healing For Genetic Conditioning

Do You Realize That We Hold The Key To Our Own Healing? We all know that Quantum healing is a powerful practice and delivers serious results. The energy healing has been around for much longer than we think. Some people still doubt if it works but the science has backed it up with a lot […]

Reactions to DNA Activation Can Go Like This!

Wellness Hero Explains Reactions to DNA Activation & Quantum Level Healing. DNA activation require blockages to be removed on the Quantum level in order to practice, (dis)eases are often the result of blocked energy centers or chakras. ……. Since in this practice, DNA is thought to control the outward expression of the soul, DNA healing […]

New Information Reveals The Piece Of God In Quantum Healing!

The Spiritual Component Revealed In Your Body Waits For You To Speak To It! This fresh theory about healing with quantum energy provides a new perspective. It is very common thinking to use mind powers for holistic healing and most of us seem to be limited to that only. Here you will find something far […]