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The Healing Power Of Stones & Crystals – Part 3/3

Resonance of the Healing Stones with the Chakras Ancient Egyptian cultures have already known about the energy of healing stones. In the Middle Ages, Hildegard von Bingen has dealt extensively with the healing stone theme. Healing stones are made of inorganic substances and are usually classified as minerals. Stones such as tourmaline, rock crystal or […]

The Healing Power Of Stones & Crystals – Part 2/3

Healing Stones – Fascinating and Powerful Helpers of Nature What is a healing stone and how does it affect the body? Meaning of the healing stones: The meaning of the word healing stone refers to the doctrine of crystal healing that certain stones have the ability to exert a healing effect on humans or living things. Because […]

Ultimate Guide To Clear Your Energetic Field & Balance Your Chakras

BALANCING YOUR CHAKRAS HAS NEVER BEEN THIS EASY! Chakras are nothing but a melange of energies in our bodies which interfere with our psychological standards. There are 7 main energy centers in our body. First things first, why is it that necessary to balance our chakras? If you ever suffer from achiness or stiffness, or […]

The Ultimate Sacral Chakra Balancing Guide (INFOGRAPHIC)

This Will Blow Your Creativity Energy Center In this infographic, “The Ultimate Sacral Chakra Balancing Guide” will break down all that you need to learn about this amazing creative energy center also knows as “Svadhisthana” and get unexpected breakthrough. This is excellent quick reference whenever you need it. This always comes handy for all your […]