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(VIDEO) Emerging Science Of Lucid Dreaming At TEDx Event

Expert Trainer Tim Post Talks About Unused Power Potential Power & Application Of Lucid Dreams Most of us don’t realize that we already dream at night whether one remembers or not. The speaker Tim Post in this video has trained a huge number of people across the globe to achieve a state of dream awareness […]

Flowers That Even Darwin Can’t Explain (Wonderful Mother Nature)

What A Wonderful World We Live In! Today, have a small break from whatever you’re doing and spend some time looking and appreciating the beautifully surprising work of mother nature. These flowers will make you think about how wonderful our world is as these are really beyond our imagination. Keep smiling with these amazing pictures […]

Mind-Body Healing with 80 Easy Forms of Chakra Balancing

Improve The Quality Of Your Life By Learning The Secrets Of Chakra Balancing Everything in this world including us is composed of protons, neutrons and electrons that are all made of sub-atomic particles which is pure energy. What does that mean in simple terms? It means that all that is visible in this universe is […]

432 Hz – The Wonder Of Energy Healing With Sound (Track Included)

Blissful DNA Healing & Chakra Cleansing Meditation Video The following video contains tracks of sounds at 432 hz. Whether you want to practice DNA healing, Chakra Cleansing or just want to feel more relaxed, this will work for you. What Is So Magical About 432hz Frequency? Ancient technology knew a lot more than we can […]

New Chart Shows Connection Between Crystals And Chakra Healing

Are Crystals Really Useful For Chakra Healing? Crystals for Chakra Healing how does this work? Every single chakra among your 7 chakras is associated with a particular color, sound, and gemstone, etc. We know that everything is energy in a different form and we have a different effect on the range and type of energies […]

(Discovery) Body Pain Correlates With Spiritual & Emotional Pain?

Studies Show How Your Spiritual & Emotional Pain Can Cause Your Body Pain Do you remember those moments when life gets crazy sometimes and you go on an unstoppable emotional roller-coaster ride? Can you ever imagine that these emotions can very well affect your physical body? There are several studies on this topic and some […]

Funny Nerds Teaching How To Lucid Dream!

Do These Science Geeks Really Know About Lucid Dreaming? Yes, They are really funny but don’t make their fun loving personality fool you because they are amazingly talented scientists from one of the leading science channel on YouTube. In today’s show they talk the science of how to lucid dream! Anyone who is serious about […]

Deepak Chopra Answer – Is Life After Death Possible?

The Interviewer Seemed Troubled With Deepak’s Answer Does death end everything? We know that the body is gone and our brain and other organs stop funtioning, then ultimately get dissolved. But the real question is does our awareness dies with us? Deepak Chopra have a unique perception and he sees the death as ‘creativity’. He […]