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5 Coolest Affirmations For Realist Spiritualists?

AFFIRMATIONS! You mind be wondering why would a spiritualist need affirmation?

On every step of life, people will betray you and drag you down to make you taste the bitter reality of life.

Affirmation is the perfect tool to deal with haters and their ordeals. Give yourself permission to be fabulous and view life as a joyous dance. Don’t be afraid of problems, learn to face them.

Don’t you want to be the Beyonce of your own life? There are several life mantras that will help you get through the worst situations like a boss. Here are some affirmations that will help you realize the rage and embrace the joy:

1. People are weird, love them anyway.

For when people test your patience. You know those annoying queue jumpers, the uh, oh I’m sorry, did my umbrella almost take your eye out streetwalkers; I didn’t even notice you there, or the dork at yoga that pushes your mat over and tells you to move because you are her spot – she always go there… or the worst of them all, the Littering-negative-polluting-hating-on-light-sucking bully.

2. The universe has my back, even if it throws s*** at me sometimes.

For when you encounter a challenge or get a setback. For the days you hit every red light, you get a rejection email from the job you had your heart set on, you pour off milk into your chai latte or happen to trod through dog poo as you dash from yoga class into your car.

3. I’m a good vibes pimp.

For when you are confronted with negativity. Think of some positive comebacks; and have them lined up and ready to shoot out the door when there are shots fired!

One of my favourite things to do when someone looks me up and down is rocking a resting b*** face or is just clearly in a foul mood is to make it rain compliments.

4. Chill Ohmie. 

For when you need a chill pill. The perfect mantra for those zoom out, zone out, shut down moments. You know when your boss talking starting to sound like the teacher in Charlie Brown. Rah-rah-wah-rah-wah-rah-rah. Your eyes are glazing over because your soul needs to visit chills Ville, let it go.

5. Karma is my jam.

For when you need a simple thought to handle haters. Has your soul just been backhanded? The mantra that doubles as a comeback served best with a finger click, neck wiggle and sass lip “karma fool.”

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