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Lucid Dreaming Benefits You Wish You Knew Earlier

Here’s how lucid dreaming can help you recognize your life potential. Nothing sounds fun other than escaping to a fantasy world where you can control your own thought process. You might just get addicted to that incredible feeling of being in that state. A renown fact is that lucid dreamers have better problem-solving abilities than the […]

Here’s How You Can Become A Trailblazer By Lucid Dreaming

Can lucid dreaming change your whole well being? Let’s find the truth! Lucid Dreaming is a state of dreaming in which you are aware of things that you are dreaming. With lucid dreaming, you can be the lord of your own kingdom of dreams. There are several methods to get closer to the reality of […]

Religious Sound Alchemy For DNA Repairing And DNA Healing

Introduce yourself to the mysterious sound alchemy method of DNA repairing! The sound is nothing but a pressure wave which is absorbed by human tissues before it would reach the inside of a cell non-contaminated. Since ancient times, it has been believed that sound frequencies can actually help us with DNA healing. Frequency has the […]

This Mummified 200-year-old Monk Is Giving Scientists A Tough Time

He is not Dead, He is still in deep meditation! In a very strange and bizarre incident, a mummified 200-year-old monk was found in Mongolia in lotus position of meditation. Sounds weird? It is believed that this monk was found in a rare state of meditation called ‘Tukdam’. Such mind baffling incidents have occurred in […]

Scary Demon Caught On Camera By A Sleep Paralysis Victim

The truth behind sleep paralysis hallucinations has been finally recorded on a camera. Every night he will fall asleep and then dream about being motionless, but that some demons are trying to attack him and he is helpless. Sleep paralysis is the worst trip ever. Sleep paralysis is a stage when the brain paralyzes the […]

5 Coolest Affirmations For Realist Spiritualists?

AFFIRMATIONS! You mind be wondering why would a spiritualist need affirmation? On every step of life, people will betray you and drag you down to make you taste the bitter reality of life. Affirmation is the perfect tool to deal with haters and their ordeals. Give yourself permission to be fabulous and view life as a […]

Sleep Paralysis: 7 Facts About Waking Up And Being Motionless

Let’s figure out what really happens when you wake up and can’t move! Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of sleep and you realize that you can’t move your limbs? You got to be suffering from Sleep Paralysis. It feels like you just woke up dead. You realize that your mind is completely […]

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