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Exploring Your Hypnagogia: A Magical State Just Before You Fall Asleep

HYPNAGOGIA: A ROLLER COASTER JOURNEY FROM WAKEFULNESS TO SLEEP Hypnagogia is that minute gap of consciousness between wakefulness and falling sleep and vice versa. Isn’t it incredible to find yourself stuck in a gap where you could hear white noises, that just get louder with time. Hypnagogic states are mostly responsible for all the paranormal-esque […]

Guide To An Amazing Lucid Dream Using Hypnagogia

HAVING LUCID DREAMS USING HYPNAGOGIA IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK! Isn’t it fascinating to move back and forth between a lucid dream and reality? The incredible transition from real life to lucid dream is crazy. You separate from your body on the bed into the cloudy image of your incredible dream. Even words can fall […]

Mindfulness Meditation In Classroom: A Treat For Students

IS BRINGING MINDFULNESS TO THE CLASSROOM NECESSARY? LET’S FIND OUT! A large number of people think about giving a try to mindfulness meditation, but it can be really hard sometimes to know where to begin. It is simple if you make up your mind to do it. All you have to do is take a comfortable […]

(VIDEO) 6 Humans With Mind-Blowing Superpowers That Science Can’t Explain

MYSTIC HUMANS WITH SUPERPOWERS WHO GAVE SCIENCE A TOUGH TIME! Indecipherable and astounding phenomena have been observed throughout the human history. Phenomena which are miracles that have no logical explanation behind them. There are many examples of humans with superpowers that have no logical explanation behind them. Yes! Such kind of mysticism is implanted into […]

(VIDEO) How To Create Kick-Ass Music While Lucid Dreaming

ADDING SOUNDTRACK TO YOUR LUCID DREAM IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK! Before you learn how to add a soundtrack to your dream you must understand that everything in your dreams requires focus to exist. While you dream, your mind gives precedence to what you are currently focused on. Your mind will continue to add detail to anything […]

Gear Yourself Up For A Free Qigong Distant Energy Session

INCREDIBLE BENEFITS OF A QIGONG ENERGY SESSION Yes! you guessed it right. This is a free Qigong distant energy program which will be delivered by energy healing professional Mr. Michael Mohoric. You can be a part of this great session only if you intend to join it after reading this entire theory marked by Mr. […]

5 Dreams That Changed The Entire Human History

LITTLE DREAMS THAT LED TO HUGE DISCOVERIES! Lucid dreaming is both rewarding and challenging. Once you have attained lucidity, the next step is to learn how to control and eventually master your dreams. Sometimes we want to lucid dream so much but don’t surmise we can. Train your mind from wanting to lucid dream to […]

5 Reasons to Get to Know Qigong: Yoga’s Less Popular Cousin

CLAIMED TO BE LESS-SEXY, EASY-TO-UNDERESTIMATE THAN HER COUSINS BUT SHE IS REALLY AMAZING! Qigong is a less famous replacement for yoga which is used to gain back your lost life energy and spiritual energy. It is amazing how few body movements and deep breathing in unison can give us inner peace. Qigong awakens you to […]

Qigong Is Here To Help You Gain Your Lost Life Force Energy

CAN QIGONG REALLY HEAL, FIND OUT THE TRUTH Have you ever wondered how much Qigong, which is popularly famous among people who are serious about learning ‘tai chi’ can trigger your life force energy? An art of using gentle movements, breathing techniques, and meditation to strengthen the life energy can be the best replacement of yoga. We […]