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The 4 Levels of Lucid Dreams : The Spectrum Of Lucidity

The Lucidity Of Your Dreams Have A Spectrum One can say that we’re either having a lucid dream or not. But it’s not that simple. There are various scales of lucidity and each of the level defines not only how much control you can have but also affects your clarity of thinking, the intensity of […]

The Healing Power Of The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra 101: Seek, Know, Transcend You might have heard about the chakras and you might be aware of the third eye chakra. Do you know the real powers of this chakra? Let us introduce you to the third eye chakra and it’s healing power. This chakra will allow you to see the […]

F*ck That: A Guided Meditation

For the Realities of Today’s World… This is as some people say is a meditation for the realities of today’s world. The response has been outrageous on this video. So much so that people are looking place to buy it on iTunes so that they could listen to it anytime on their own. A mental […]

Astral Projection | Out of Body Experience In (5 Steps)

5 Step Astral Projection Technique Using Dream Control Astral Projection has different names.. Some call it Astral Travel, Soul Travel while some others say Out Of Body Experience also known as OOBEs in abbreviation. People usually have a lot of misconceptions about it. They just call it a near-death experience while in reality, it’s something […]

Struggling With DNA Activation?

Do You Want To Activate Your DNA or Looking For 12 Strand DNA Activation? You are making a mistake and missing out if you do not understand The Golden Ratio. It’s a turning point of the golden age where we live as of now, where nature will arrange it’s system and turn back to balance […]

Amazing Healing Powers Of Reiki (VIDEO INCLUDED)

Did you ever wonder about Reiki? What it actually is and what are the benefits of Reiki? Or you might have a notion that it just doesn’t work at all? Can it really be used for treatments? In a nutshell, Reiki is a natural healing technique based on the energy healing concept. It was hailed […]

The Neuroscience of Lucid Dreams

Imagine have a dream so vivid and clear that feels like an exact reality. Now push it further and say that you’re even able to control it and do whatever you wish in there. Everything from flying, to control the environment and objects etc, fulfilling your secret desires etc. And if you have to put […]

Healing Through Dreams.. Is Lucid Dreaming That Powerful?

Can Lucid Dreaming Help You Heal Emotionally? There is some debate on this topic whether a lucid dream can be helpful and can be used as a purpose of healing. A dream can signify a number of things and somehow the dreams can be critical in relation to one’s emotional health as we get the […]

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