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New Chart Shows Connection Between Crystals And Chakra Healing

Are Crystals Really Useful For Chakra Healing? Crystals for Chakra Healing how does this work? Every single chakra among your 7 chakras is associated with a particular color, sound, and gemstone, etc. We know that everything is energy in a different form and we have a different effect on the range and type of energies […]

(Discovery) Body Pain Correlates With Spiritual & Emotional Pain?

Studies Show How Your Spiritual & Emotional Pain Can Cause Your Body Pain Do you remember those moments when life gets crazy sometimes and you go on an unstoppable emotional roller-coaster ride? Can you ever imagine that these emotions can very well affect your physical body? There are several studies on this topic and some […]

Funny Nerds Teaching How To Lucid Dream!

Do These Science Geeks Really Know About Lucid Dreaming? Yes, They are really funny but don’t make their fun loving personality fool you because they are amazingly talented scientists from one of the leading science channel on YouTube. In today’s show they talk the science of how to lucid dream! Anyone who is serious about […]

Deepak Chopra Answer – Is Life After Death Possible?

The Interviewer Seemed Troubled With Deepak’s Answer Does death end everything? We know that the body is gone and our brain and other organs stop funtioning, then ultimately get dissolved. But the real question is does our awareness dies with us? Deepak Chopra have a unique perception and he sees the death as ‘creativity’. He […]

The Secret Healing Energy Hidden Below Your Feet – Part Two

Kick Off Those Shoes & Get Charged With The Secret Healing Energy! This article is the second part and continuation or the first article posted here.. In this reading, the author goes further into the details of how this secret technique works and how you can make the best out of it. A new concept […]

(Discover) Secret Healing Energy Hidden Below Your Feet

A World Of Powerful Healing Opens When You Take Off Your Shoes What is Earthing? It’s no surprise that the human body is the most complex and sophisticated machine on the planet hiding unimaginable secrets and energy sources that are yet to be discovered. Energy healing is nothing new but a lot of holistic healers […]

The Angels Of Energy Healing

Discover Your Divine Spiritual Guides.. Your Angels! Do you feel drawn to angels and curious about their role in your life? The Angels Of Energy Healing! Angels not only bring you wisdom and protection, they are also your source of inspiration. Most importantly they have the power to guide you to the unconditional love in […]

Quantum Healing For Genetic Conditioning

Do You Realize That We Hold The Key To Our Own Healing? We all know that Quantum healing is a powerful practice and delivers serious results. The energy healing has been around for much longer than we think. Some people still doubt if it works but the science has backed it up with a lot […]

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